Program of the first meeting in Poland

                                            07-14. 11.2015 Cieszyn

PolskaOn the road to the entrepreneurship

Saturday 07.11.2015
8.30 The team from Cyprus arrives (Kraków)
Sunday         08.11.2015
12.55 The team from Belgium arrives (Kraków).
16.00 The team from Hungary arrives (Cieszyn)
17.25 The team from Portugal arrives (Kraków)
17.00 International evening – Ice breakers – Team’s presentation ALL
23.30 The team from Italy arrives (Kraków)
Monday 09.11.2015
9.00 Ceremonial Academy “Erasmus Day” ALL
10.00 Coffee break ALL
10.30 School and country presentations of each of the partners   ALL
11.30 – 12.00 Contest for the logo of the project. Integration games ALL
12.00 School tour TEACHERS
12.00 Sightseeing in Cieszyn with “SOiZ TIME” (school company) – city game STUDENTS
12.30 Sightseeing in Cieszyn with a guide Leszek Lipsa TEACHERS
15.00 Meeting with the mayor of Cieszyn – Ryszard Macura ALL
15.30 Evaluation of the city game. ALL
16.00 Free time for students with families STUDENTS
19.00 Dinner for teachers TEACHERS
Tuesday 10.11.2015
7.00 Departure to Cracow
10.30 Workshops at the Tischner European University –“Developing entrepreneurial attitudes” ALL
12.30 Lunch break. Free time ALL
14.30-15.30 Sightseeing in Cracow with the “SOiZ TIME” (school company) guides ALL
15.30 Departure to Wieliczka ALL
16.50 Sightseeing in the Salt Mine in Wieliczka ALL
19.30 Going back to Cieszyn ALL
21.30 Arriving in Cieszyn ALL
Wednesday 11.11.2015  Independence Day in Poland
9.30 Departure to Auschwitz. Trip guided by the “SOIZ TIME” (school company) ALL
11.30 Visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau In 4  groups
14.00 Going back to Cieszyn
15.30 Free time for students with families STUDENTS
17.00 Teachers’ work session TEACHERS
19.00 International dinner for teachers TEACHERS
Thursday 12.11.2015
8.30 -12.30 Job Experience in companies –  separate schedule STUDENTS
8.45-11.15 International lessons at the school TEACHERS
11.35-14.00 Teachers meeting – (training on Blog and Europass) TEACHERS
14.00-16.00 Free time. Lunch
16.00-18.00 Graphic workshops at school STUDENTS
18.30 Pizza PARTY and the Liburnia hotel ALL
22.00 The end of the Pizza PARTY
Friday 13.11.2015
9.00 Job Experience in institutions

Apprenticeship in the Cieszyn Castle.

Design as a tool for company development.

10.00-12.30 Workshop run by Marcin Kratera – Wzzoro Design Studio – 1001 ways for a fabulous stall STUDENTS
10.30-12.00 Teachers’ conference in the conference room TEACHERS
12.30-14.00 Lunch break in “Obiady jak u mamy” STUDENTS
12.30- 14.00 Lunch break in „Zapiecek” TEACHERS
14.00-17.30 Workshops in Parostatek – Visual Thinking and Business Model Canvas ALL
17.30 Free time for students with families STUDENTS
19.00 Dinner for teachers in Ustroń TEACHERS
Saturday 14.11.2015
08.30 Evaluation of the project at school. Distribution of certificates. ALL
12.00 Departure of teams – Hungary Italy (6.25), Cyprus (7.45), Belgium (13.45)
Sunday 15.11.2015
6.25 Departure of Portuguese team