PortugaliaEscola Básica e Secundária Ordem de Sant’Iago is a general education public institution with two stages: Elementary and Secondary Education (grades 5th – 12th). Currently the main school building – Escola Básica e Secundária Ordem de Sant’Iago – has 1053 students and 115 teachers. School is located in the suburbs of Setúbal, a small town, about 40 kilometers south west Lisbon and its population includes students of low socioeconomic environment and students from rural surroundings. A significant number of students come from Portuguese-speaking African countries. Options available to our students include General Education and Vocational Courses aimed at those seeking a Secondary Education Certificate and a Vocational Qualification Certificate corresponding to Level IV in the European Union classification: Theatre and Performance; Sport Management and Events Management. The mission of our school project has always been to support and address the needs of this diverse multicultural population by developing a set of strategies and partnerships aimed at reducing the risk of dropout, inequity and exclusion; increasing secondary school graduation rates and introducing students to the world of work.

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