PolskaSchool of Organisation and Management (Szkoła Organizacji i Zarządzania )  is set in a small picturesque town on the Polish-Czech border. Cieszyn is located in the mountainous region on the south of the country. It is a historical place celebrating 1200 years of its existence.

School of Organisation and Management is a small nonpublic secondary school run by the association (non-government organization). It was established in 1992. Through all the 25 years the school has educated in different subjects. At the beginning  there were economical ones later they were changed and and adjusted to the market demands.

Our pupils are 16-19 years old.  Nowadays they  are mainly interested in tourism and logistics . We also educate adults in the medical department.

It is very important for us to keep the school on a high level. So we renovated it and equipped it with the new high technology appliances, computers, interactive boards and other visuals. We created medical laboratories, IT labs and  language classrooms.

We still believe in the words said by Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world. Therefore we try to make the place as student-friendly as possible to help them take an advantage of every single lesson and to have a positive attitude to learning because a bad attitude is like a flat  tyre – you cannot go anywhere until you change it.