WłochyISTITUTO PROFESSIONALE STATALE „FEDERICO II” is a vocational school of about 700 students aged between 14-20, and about 120 people between teachers and laboratories’ assistants. There are three different sectors, industry/handcraft with fashion production and maintenance and technical support; tourism services with cooking sector and hotel accommodation sector. As professional school our teaching is mainly practical, and our students have the possibility to put into practice in our laboratories. For one month they also make practice directly in the enterprises and factories that are our partners as trainers. Our pupils, once they have finished with our educational offer, go directly to work. So taking part in Erasmus project is a chance to motivate our students to lifelong learning. It is also probably the last opportunity to improve  their  basic skills like reading comprehension, and the ability to use and process texts. During the school year, we take part in local and national competition mainly concerning the specific field of each sector; nevertheless, in addition to the main vocational offer, our curriculum is rich in different social and recreative activities, such as music and sport. In order to supply high quality services, our school has signed conventions with  Kore University in Enna and the Technical Institute for alternative energies of the province of Enna. 

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