During the meeting in Poland we took part in workshop that took place at the Tischner European University in Kraków! The workshop entitled „Business Communication as a key to developing Entrepreneurial Attitudes” was conducted by Sylwia Rybak. The workshop demonstrated how extremely important  it is to pass on information in an effective way!

An international group of students – young entrepreneurs was divided into a few teams. Each person in a team had a specific role to play. There were a connector, an observer, a warehouse worker, a supervisor and a builder. Each team was supposed to build a construction similar to the sample  using Lego blocks. The sample was visible only to an observer. The students used only English to communicate as well as some gestures. The educational game proved the importance  to be precise in communication as well as the ability to listen to other people to understand them, the ability to control emotions, switching on the logical thinking mode and above all the eagerness to cooperate together to achieve common goal. Another important thing was to match people to their roles properly, which means adequately to their personalities. By playing a game young people realized the significance of both verbal and non-verbal communication in running your own business or any other entrepreneurship. The workshop became the basis for the development of lesson plans-  Communication.
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