CyprOur school the Technical school of Larnaca Cyprus is a public secondary Vocational Education and Training oriented.
The school provides comprehensive education and professional industry courses.
Specializations include (offered programmes)
1. Hotel and Catering
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Fashion and Design
4. Furniture Design
5. Computer Engineering
6. Graphic Design
The size of our school (capacity wise) is 540 students 15-18 years old.The school is a public school and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Mostly it includes students from middle and low income families.The duration in each course specialization is three academic years.
All students at some time of their attendance must be placed in the labor market to gain the necessary experience and be prepared to enter the labor market after graduation.
Enrollment starts when students finish their compulsory education.
Twice a year the students have to go through the process of written examinations and final exams to be promoted to the next class.
During the last year they also have final exams that gives them the opportunity to enrol in the public Universities of Cyprus and Greece.
Specific social context the participating students will make new friends, learn about customs, life style and companionship. By beeing placed in companies they will gain experience of how business work in Cyprus. This will help them become better businness owners in their future life. TheY will also learn elementary knowledge of a new language. In addition the exchange students will be able to live in hosting homes and be able to learn and understant the different food habits and mentalities of a different culture than their own.This will make them more responsible as people since they will have to host in their homes students from other European Countries.
Quality system used Europass mobility is the quality system. Also Certificate of attendance in the programm from our school. Also certicato of attettance from labour market companies.