Building a company’s stall!

During the workshop the students were divided into four international groups GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE and RED. During the entire week they did diversified tasks in these groups. One of the tasks was to prepare a stall of a company they had chosen the day before. They had to come up with the comany’s name, logo and slogan. Each of the teams had a case study which included a problem to be solved (for example they had to find new customers, come up with new versior of the product, etc.) Then, the next day, the world of design was introduced to them by a specialist from Wzorro company – Marcin Krater from Katowice. Next, the companies which were delaing with sellnig apples, trips, pins and herbs made the stalls! All of them did extremely well! They were very creative, full of fresh ideas and entrepreneurial attitudes! Here you can find some photos:

targi targi3 targi5 targi11