Today’s school is modern, equipped with new technological innovations, teaching aids, the one which offers interesting activities, arranges many trips and meetings with interesting people. Schools constantly broaden their educational offer in order to become more appealing on the educational market. Partners of the project do realise that still the most important priority should be developing key competences, all the more reason, this process lasts through their entire life. Surveys conducted at school, about the students’ professional future, indicated that despite the fact that vast majority decided to study certain profession, they still do not know their professional qualifications, and where they could work after graduation. Analysing our students’ career after graduation, we noticed that most of them decide to take up a job which is not directly connected to the profession they obtained with graduation.Having taken the research into account, development of basic competences, such as personal and social seems to be even more important. Today’s labour market requires students to change their profession, and adjust to the needs, what may require them to retrain and obtain another degree.

Unfortunately each school struggles with the problem of students’ motivation. They often show no interest of participating in the school life, doing things for the school, they lack proper motivation to learn languages. Even if life in contemporary schools, which are well equipped with modern technologies seems to be easier, we as teachers lack proper motivation techniques which would motivate students to learn and take part in activities. We hope that the two year cooperation will help us share useful motivation techniques and that we will come up with new solutions for the problem of motivation among students.

In order to develop entrepreneurial attitude, in an interesting form, we want to propose “having fun” with School Company. We want to inspire them to make a move in connection with school companies, awake bravery to take actions, bring their ideas into effect, give them a stimulus to be creative, to be engaged in different tasks, to develop their ability to be ready, take risks and think on their own feet. This project will be interdisciplinary and many-sided. Additionally, to ensure that students develop reading comprehension and proper use of the Internet as a source of information, we will create a blog “Entrepreneurial Europe”, run in English, by the students. Teachers often come across the problem of misusing the Internet assets. Students often copy information without prior reading, critical thinking let alone verification of the content.

As far as students are concerned, project implies accomplishing the following objectives: developing personal competences, and the key competences of the participants of the project: increasing motivation to learn, organizational skills, increasing their openness to other cultures, developing their ability to cooperate in an international group and tolerant attitudes, developing European way of thinking, discovering professional qualifications, preparation to active participation on European market, preparation to establish own companies in the future, improving language skills, business English in particular.

Tasks, which were set by the schools, created the need of exchanging and developing new educational tools, would serve teaching entrepreneurial attitudes. During the two year cooperation we will develop lesson plans in the field of business education and entrepreneurship. In order to make these lesson plans more universal, useful and accessible for more people, they will be developed in English what will result with starting bilingual education in our schools, what certainly will increase the schools’ quality of education and influence our schools’ attractiveness in our regions. The objectives concerning teachers will be: developing own methodology with the use of IT, learning new technical and organizational solutions, motivation techniques, teamwork, methods of supporting entrepreneurial attitudes, broadening own horizon.

International exchange will be an opportunity for young people to examine the way other school companies are run in other countries. Participants will look for a way to create international cooperation among school companies. Young Europeans will motivate and inspire each other to learning. They will develop European way of thinking. Building up the entrepreneurial attitudes cannot happen without implementing the real business life into the project, thus in each country participants will have a Job Experience. They will have the chance to examine how companies work in Europe, learn about the scope of responsibilities for certain positions, what the essential qualifications connected with them are. The Job Experience will balso a training of basic interpersonal and business qualification. It will ease the planning of further education path.